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Charging card & back-office

The Plugin Company charging card is an attractive solution for companies, employees and individuals. It gives them unlimited access to all networks in Belgium and Europe (350,000 charging stations), so they can use it as they wish. All your information is available in our The Plugin Company back-office application.


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Station Management

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For companies

Want to manage charging cards for your employees or the charging stations on your company’s premises or in a public space? Looking for an easy and practical way to manage your employees’ charging sessions (e.g. for your accounts)? Our back-office application enables you to access all your information and charging sessions. You can determine the amount of energy available at any time and also use it to save energy.

Split billing

Split billing is a way of simplifying the charging of electric vehicles that form part of a fleet or belong to a company. By separating the costs of charging your vehicle from your domestic energy consumption, you can pass on the charging costs to your employer or company.

Charge Point Operator (CPO)

We know that the electric vehicle revolution has already begun, and that’s why The Plugin Company - a leader and pioneer in charging stations - can offer you a network of over 350,000 stations in Europe and Belgium. As the charging infrastructure expands and CPO requirements evolve, we adapt the services we offer so we can continue to offer you the best possible solution.

Mobility Service Provider (eMSP)

We make it easy for you to manage your electric mobility services. Our e-mobility platform is a comprehensive and futureproof solution for all types of charging station. Thanks to its advanced billing, communication and client management functions, you can configure your back-office to suit your needs.

The advantages of our charge & back-office card

Access information

Access all information relating to charging stations, charging sessions, access cards, billing, ...

Advantageous charging

Determine the most economical time to authorise or launch a charging session.

Enjoy simple billing

Pass on charging costs automatically.

For individuals

If you are a private individual and you would like a recharge card, it is possible to obtain The Plugin Company card which will give you access to all the networks available in Belgium and Europe. You will also have access to our application in order to manage and visualize all your charging session data.

Whatever business you’re in

we have a charging solution for you