Charging stations in public domain


We love to introduce to you our free and green mobility concept.

Our “CityPlugin” concept is based on three crucial elements

  1. Free public charing points in your community. We ask for a concession for the parking spot and in return we will install a (free of charge) charging point. The city pays only for the connection costs to the grid.
  2. Certification of our charging points by the car manufacturers. This is very important to avoid claims of the users of infrastructure that has not been certified. Lots of other suppliers of charging technology do not have this. On public domain you can not take this risk.
  3. An open and free mobile payment system: Everyone has to be able to use this public charing point. A technology that has proven itself already is the charging via SMS on 4242.  Just like parking via SMS on 4411. Cards and pre-registration represent a closed system that is only open to a limited amount of users. Via SMS, everybody can charge its car. A unique system in Belgium. 


Do you want a charging point in your city? Ask one of our green mobility advisors to come over and built an implementation scheme of charging infrastructure in your city.

Cities that already implemented our charging infrastructure our Amsterdam, London, Diest, Bornem, Hasselt...

Vul het contactformulier in en wij contacteren jou binnen de 24 uur.

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