Charging with the pioneer and market leader in Belgium?

ThePluginCompany, market leader (+ 2000 charging stations) in Belgium and actif in France, Holland, Luxemburg and Germany, is a leading European service provider in electric mobility. 

  1. Do you want to charge your electric vehicle at home 
  2. As a company, do you want to offer charing services to your clients and employees?
  3. As a city or community, do you want to offer a charging services to your inhabitants?
  4. Do you want to service a charge point for electrical bikes?

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2007 - 2009: Winner of the European greenfleet awards

2011: Winner of the Green Business award

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  • Electricity, the main stream transportation fuel
  • Plug-in, recharge and drive green!
  • The planet is in our hands so let's take good care of it together. After all, this is our home...